Led by content, shaped by research, driven to make.

The liberal arts is the bedrock of our practice. We always start by listening and then we research — technologies, storylines, forms, and ways people work, learn, and play. And with our partners, we apply ourselves to the creation of ideas-rich, mission-fulfilling, content-first experiences.

Hard work is our secret sauce. We value communication, collaboration, and equal measures of planning and improvisation. Our approach favors workshops over presentations, prototypes over big reveals, and relationships over rigid methodologies. We get there by iteration, iteration, iteration.

And lots of laughter. Let’s keep it light.

A diverse, creatively motivated team of experience designers.
Seven Upswell team members reviewing a project Image sequence of visual data from an Intel RealSense depth camera

Versatile. Aspiring. A good sense of humor.

Erica Dillon, Founder, Production Director

Erica Dillon

Founder, Production Director

Armando Manalo, Strategy & Content Director

Armando Manalo

Strategy & Content Director

Kieran Lynn, Managing & Technology Director

Kieran Lynn

Managing & Technology Director

Erica Hassinger, Visual Design Director

Erica Hassinger

Visual Design Director

Katrina Byas, Content Designer

Katrina Byas

Content Designer

Erin Cheek, Studio Manager

Erin Cheek

Studio Manager

Jon Chick, Program Manager

Jon Chick

Program Manager

Erik Golts, Creative & Audio Engineer

Erik Golts

Creative & Audio Engineer

Isaac Goodfellow, Creative Engineer

Isaac Goodfellow

Creative Engineer

Carly Hagen, Creative Engineer

Carly Hagen

Creative Engineer

Eye Toward Equity

Equity is fundamental to our culture of creativity and collaboration. We are a practice that values difference, diversity and inclusion across gender, race, nationality, sexuality, age, identity, and experience.

Equity isn’t just a word, it’s a commitment that fuels excellence in our work.