The Chrysler Museum of Art

The Studio

Environmental graphics, interface designs, and artful crops of works of art connect all elements of the space.

Playful and irreverent, the Studio gives visitors select artworks to alter, rework, or remix — and then shows these new creations on large wall scrims within the alcove.

As an animated timer counts down, visitors use simple exhibit-themed color palettes and drawing tools to make their personal marks on crops of artworks. Once time is up, visitors can extend their session, or see their artworks projected on the wall before the next game begins.

Three touchscreen easels and two projector screens are synced together during timed intervals, infusing a game-like aspect to these drawing sessions and giving clear entry and exit points for visitors, and aiding in station sharing.

Playing fast and loose with artworks via whimsical doodling and remixing bits and bobs.

Young kids try their hand at making collages with artwork parts, or doodle on a Chrysler collection artworks.
Seeing lots of eyes!
Interface of the drawing activity, showing a color palette, different tools, and a countdown timer in The Studio experience.
Miss Montagu remix.


  • Wonder Studio


  • Norfolk, VA


  • 2018