The Chrysler Museum of Art


Families can safely get the wiggles out in the Colorscape color-mixing alcove.

The most physically active experience in the Wonder Studio, Colorscape is an interactive projection that lets visitors use their bodies to produce color streams and splashes that flow across the floor, combine into new colors, and eventually activate LED lights atop the alcove walls.

The installation uses sensing technology to capture visitors’ movements and gestures in a U-shaped alcove, reminiscent of a halfpipe (and used as such!). A generative audio application combines different whimsical audio tracks (think tubas and chimes) as visitors enter and exit the canvas, weaving a dynamic soundscape as kids and adults alike play.

Families play with color in a space that is “SFK” — safe for kids.

Visitors of all ages can combine colors and effects in this U-shaped alcove that form the canvas of the Colorscape.
Visitors can track both their own shadows and projected representations of their bodies on the Colorscape floor canvas.
Colorscape testing with real museum visitors at the Portland Museum of Art (thank you!).
Studio team tries out a Colorscape prototype.


  • Norfolk, VA


  • 2018


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    • Physical Design
    • Interior Architecture
    • Experience Design
  • USD Design
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