The Chrysler Museum of Art


A young girl uses a custom-designed periscope to get a different view on artworks in the Wonder Studio Artquarium.

The Wonder Studio at the Chrysler Museum of Art engages kids and families around the museum’s collection in a digitally-enabled, immersive space, while helping them unlock their creativity and get their wiggles out.

The Artquarium, one of the centerpiece installations, gives visitors an up-close view of artworks in an unconventional arrangement based on biannual themes. For visitors inclined to read a bit, a fold-out guide gives details on each artwork in the case and doubles as a large poster that visitors can take home.

3D-printed analog tools let kids play with how they see artworks at different heights and magnification. The Artquarium software application drives artwork-related audio from the 3-D printed ear horns that are connected to transducers. Audio clips can be updated via the web-based Wonder Studio content management system.

Artworks presented with families in mind — viewable from above, behind, up close, and down low...and audible as well.

Young visitors get up close to the artworks — all safely behind glass! — in the Artquarium.
The Artquarium brings together paintings, statues, artifacts, and photographic reproductions under one theme, letting visitors like this young girl see these different pieces next to each other.
In the Artquarium, artworks and photographic reproductions are displayed in-the-round, including on its ceiling.
A young visitor listens to artwork-related audio clips on an ear horn attached to the Artquarium artwork case, housing over 50 artworks in the Wonder Studio.
A young boy listens to artwork-related audio pieces through a flexible ear horn tube connected to a transducer, which is part of the Artquarium.
A stack of Artquarium guides with artwork information.
Closeup view of the Artquarium guide, detailing artwork information such as title and artist.
The 8-panel Artquarium guide unfolds into a 27x39" poster.


  • Wonder Studio


  • Norfolk, VA


  • 2018


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