International Center of Photography

Weegee: Murder is My Business

Murder is My Business was a retrospective of the work of the photographer Arthur Felig–Weegee. His photographs of crime and criminals allowed him to crown himself the official photographer of Murder Incorporated–the enforcement arm of the American Mafia. His photographs capture the tenements of the Lower East side presented a side of New York that many had no idea existed–or refused to believe.

We were tasked with telling the story of Weegee and his photographs across four interactive kiosks: his apartment at Coney Island, the case files of four of New York murders photographed my Weegee, his exhibition in New York of street photojournalism and Naked City–the 40’s survey of the late night streets of New York.

Each world was supported by an ambient audio scape designed to evoke the chaotic and seedy sounds and feeling of the New York of a different era. This soundtrack was played throughout the gallery supporting not just the kiosks, but helping set the presence and tone for the entire exhibit.

A foray into the strange, gritty world of Weegee.


  • New York, NY


  • 2012


  • Documentary Arts
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    • Curator