Canadian War Museum

Vimy 1917

Screenshot of the main Vimy kiosk selection interface.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge 1917 kiosk lets visitors examine a set of historical photos from the victorious yet devastating battle. More than 10,500 Canadians were slaughtered, but this interactive tells their story by inviting visitors explore photographic details.

Each primary image is annotated with a set of hotspots which link users to secondary images and videos that tell a more complete narrative. This kiosk sits within a gallery of historical artifacts. The kiosk enables dual language mode (French and English).

A poignant presentation of Canada’s most celebrated military victory.

Artwork detail/exploration panel.
Screenshot of the artwork detail panel.
Kiosk in-situ at the museum.
Screenshot of the video player.


  • Ottawa, Canada


  • 2017