University of Oregon

College of Design Wayfinding

Aluminum sign for Pacific Hall at the University of Oregon AAA school mounted on a concrete wall

The University of Oregon, College of Design is a maze lacking a natural flow, with many dead ends. This disjointed flow makes navigation and wayfinding difficult, particularly for those unfamiliar with with the building.

Upswell worked with the College to develop a custom wayfinding system to help guide people. The system is comprised of two sign styles: wall placards just below eye-level to direct and larger projected signs just above eye-level that can be seen from a distance marking points of interest. A yellow stripe at the bottom of the sign provides a consistent visual indicator people can look for while navigating the building.

This system is still in-service nearly a decade after its initial installation, testifying to its practicality and functionality.

A simple, yet eye-catching signage system for a maze-like building.

Row of three signs: Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Art History mounted on a wall at the University of Oregon College of Design
Flag style sign for Landscape Architecture mounted on the wall at the University of Oregon College of Design
Mounting detail for the flag mount style signage.


  • Eugene, OR


  • 2008



  • Eleek
    • Fabrication