Nokia Bell Labs

The Anomaly Room

Interior of the Anomaly Room showing the Timeline application running.

The Anomaly Room at Nokia Bell Labs is an immersive space where Bell Labs researchers can present their research and demo emmergent technologies to Nokia’s strategic partners and experiment with the possibilities of connected spaces.

Comprised of an 18-panel, 23-foot wide video wall and six edge-blended projectors projecting on electrochromic glass, the Anomaly Room provides 300-degrees of immersive display surface. Driven by a Aurora IPX-TC2-based IP video distribution system, the Anomaly Room operates at uncompressed 4K/60 with no chroma subsampling, making it ideal for high-fidelity demos and video.

The most recent software iteration of the Anomaly Room is based on Upswell’s first-generation experience operations suite — dubbed the “Supervisor” — the Anomaly has a fully integrated CI (Continuous Integration) pipeline that automates application build and delivery to the Anomaly’s on-site computers. The Supervisor agent is responsible for launching a custom desktop for the room, giving presenters access to software-based applications and hardware apps (dedicated hardware providing video output to the room). The desktop is tied into the Supervisor app-launching framework, allowing users to launch applications over the desktop as they would on a typical PC.

To enable researchers to create truly immersive demos, Upswell engineered the entire AV control system to have an open API, enabling programmatic control over sub-systems such as the doors, electrochromic class, audio, video inputs and lighting. Integrations include voice commands, gesture-based control prototypes, and custom AV-control interfaces. Upswell also created a capacitive-touch “exit buttton” with MC2 that closes applications open over the desktop, for a more open, app-agnostic system.

An immersive space to share active research and emergent technologies.


  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2015 - Present


  • Control Concepts Inc.
    • AMX Module Developer
  • Moey Inc.
    • Aurora Installer
  • NMR
    • AV Installer
  • MC2
    • Fabricator