Nokia Bell Labs

The Future of Access

Interface showing Chicago skyline with example future network.

Nokia Bell Labs researchers are tasked with developing 10x solutions for the limits of todays network communications infrastructure. The outcomes of their breakthroughs will be felt in urban and rural environments, so the Future X team was looking for a presentation tool to show how the components of future access will be deployed throughout real locations.

Upswell worked with Bell Labs to source high-resolution panoramic photography of downtown Chicago, create custom icons based on Nokia brand styles, and develop an interactive presentation tool that can help presenters visualize cellular network topologies for telecommunications audiences. Drawing and placement features help define areas of network access, while generative animations and visual effects enhance the experiential appeal of the presentation. A simple text file allows custom messages to be added to a presention, while the skyline of Chicago slowly pans in idle mode, rounding out this dynamic visualization tool.

The future of cellular networking, visualized.


  • The Anomaly Room


  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2016