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Screenshot of the Bell Labs Publications and Patents Explorer kiosk at the Bell Labs Tech Showcase.

Part of the Technology Showcase exhibition, this installation highlights select innovations from Bell Labs’ 90+ years of research and over 100,000 patents.

The installation also serves as a utility and presentation tool for Bell Labs researchers and administrators. “When I’m giving a presentation to clients that are buying optical research equipment from us,” writes Ed Eckert, Bell Labs archivist and historian, “I might have a career Bell Labs optical researcher with me. I’ll often navigate to his name, and pull up all the publications and patents related to this person, and speak to Bell Labs’ deep well of experience on the topic.”

Surfacing 90+ years of research and innovation at Bell Labs.

Overview of the different states of the Publications and Patents Explorer.
Publication from the Publications and Patents Explorer.
Publications and Patents Explorer Twitter feed.


  • Technology Showcase


  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2017