Nokia Bell Labs

Bell Labs Multimedia

Screenshot of the Bell Labs Media kiosk at the Bell Labs Tech Showcase.

In recent years, Nokia Bell Labs has been stepping up production on both events and media production. The resurgence of the E.A.T. program and other collaborations with artists like Beatie Wolfe has led to a surge in video and social media content. Other than posting this new content on the website, there aren’t really other places to display this content – especially internally. Bell Labs wants to take advantage of the existing content and, again, show a steady stream of recent happenings.

Upswell was tasked with developing a media player app could be used at the Technology Showcase, at events and other locales on campus and beyond. This media display tool can accommodate a myriad of content types, themes, and modes, including slideshow, auto-playlist, and user selection mode. These provide the Bell Labs staff with the utmost flexibility to showcase the brand and interesting events or collaborations with artists, universities, and other thought partners.

A video-rich interactive highlighting Bell Labs’ forays into public arts & culture.


  • Technology Showcase


  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2017