Nokia Bell Labs

Bell Labs In the Press

Part of the Technology Showcase at Nokia Bell Labs’ headquarters in Murray Hill, NJ, this interactive evangelizes Bell Labs’ research model while demonstrating the organization’s continued relevance in research and innovation. The key goal of the “In the Press” application is to showcase Bell Labs activity as it continues to engage with people across technology, arts, and culture.

Upswell worked with the Bell Labs archivist, Ed Eckert, to define a bold visual system that wa both in line with Nokia brand guidelines and effectively used the 65” 4K screen canvas. The graphic system (which families together a multimedia interactive, Bell Labs research highlights, and an updated version of the Bell Labs Timeline) brings a freshness and elegance to these mostly text-based new pieces, while adding animated icons for a touch of cheekiness. Press content is curated via an extension of the CMS currently in place for the Bell Labs website.

Demonstrating Bell Labs’ critical relevance to the wider research community and public.

The Technology Showcase at Bell Labs, including In the Press.
Detail of stamp design, inspired by researchers’ journals.


  • Technology Showcase


  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2017