The Fotonovela Production Company

¡Sana-Sana! Entre Nos

Screenshot of the Sana-Sana homepage.

As one of the first companies to use comic-style fotonovelas as a medium to address health disparities in Latino communities, The Fotonovela Production Company is an innovator in the field of health communications.

They engaged Upswell to help them recast their narratives for a new generation immersed in digital culture. Sana-Sana was developed from the insight that culturally relevant storytelling can help address health issues facing Latino communities.

As part of this effort, Upswell developed the Sana-Sana interactive publication prototype “Entre Nos”, brand and marketing website to help the Fotonovela Production Company redefine their services for the 21st century.

Design and brand strategy for interactive fotonovelas.

Screenshot from the Sana-Sana website discussing the interactive fotonovela product.
Visual language of the site is modern and warm, and references fotonovela feel.
The interactive case study highlights health knowledge pre- and post-exposure to the “webnovela.”


  • Portland, OR


  • 2013


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