Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Human Rights Now

View of kiosks and projections

The Human Rights now exhibit provokes critical thinking about the interconnectedness of human rights across issues histories and geopolitical boundaries. Upswell conceptualized an experience to meet the exhibit demands of a 39-foot wall, fronted by visitor seating and three stories kiosks. Connecting map based issues, current social media and infographical data on the wall to individual stories of contemporary human rights activism in the kiosks. We aimed at providing parallel experiences for different visitors, in depth reading or quiet contemplation.

Examining international human rights issues and global media on a grand scale.

Projection showing geospatial visualizations.
Kiosks explore human rights stories from around the world.
Large-scale reportage photography emphasizes the immediacy of rights issues.
Straightforward infographics are used to tell a compelling story.


  • Rights Today


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014