Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Posters for Freedom Mobile

Screenshots from the online Posters for Freedom exhibit, where visitors can explore grassroots demonstration-related assets from the anti-apartheid era, create their own demonstration poster, and publish it online.

The Posters for Freedom website is a bilingual, accessible, online companion piece to the Posters for Freedom in-gallery installation, both a part of the Mandela: Struggle for Freedom exhibit commemorating the 150th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

From home, or using tablets from the exhibit floor, visitors can create custom demonstration posters using a variety of custom-created images and phrases inspired by the anti-apartheid movement’s grassroots aesthetic. Upon completion of a poster, all published posters make a brief appearance on the gallery wall of printed and digitally projected posters.

Visitors may download a high-resolution copy of their poster, or view their own and others’ work in a posters Tumblr gallery. Server-side, an exhibit-branded sidebar is added to each visitor-created poster upon publication, so that posters shared via social media further promote the Mandela exhibit.

Anti-apartheid demonstration posters, created on the go.

The Posters for Freedom website is both accessible to screen readers using Aria web encoding and responsive for mobile phone and tablet devices.
Screenshot of the desktop version of the Posters for Freedom website.
Des affiches anti-apartheid créées par des visiteurs du Musée.


  • Mandela: Struggle for Freedom


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2018