Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Making Meaning

Visitors gather around a table to play the Making Meaning Magna Carta quiz.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights hosted a traveling exhibit marking the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta. As a supplement to the exhibit, CMHR partnered with Upswell to create an interactive multiplayer game focused on Canada’s constitutional documents. The quiz – played online as a single player, or in-gallery in multiplayer mode – asks users to confront their perceptions of how meaning is made in society. One of the central questions posed is, how can historical images or documents be perceived differently by individuals or groups?

In gallery, the game consists of six synced iPads. Visitors can play the game solo, or challenge each other for the highest score. Each visitor is shown an image and then asked to choose the most appropriate of three captions for that image. The faster and more accurate the user is with his or her selections, the more points they accumulate. In a multiplayer game, players’ scores are updated in real time, adding to the sense of competition. Upon conclusion of the game, visitors can add their name to a global leaderboard, and share their experience on Twitter, Facebook, and through email.

Exploring the gap between meaning, image, and perception of national events.

Detail of a visitor playing the Making Meaning Magna Carta quiz.
Screenshot of the quiz question and answer screen.
The leaderboard shows visitors with best time and most accurate answers.
As you advance through the quiz, your points are tallied to give you a running total.


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2016