University of Pennsylvania, Archaeology Mapping Lab


Field data collection interface of the Kronos mobile application for Android

Atop Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia, Greece – the mythological birthplace of the Greek god Zeus – researchers have been uncovering amazing stories of the ancient world through their yearly archaeological dig.

Upswell, working with the University of Pennsylvania, Archaeological Mapping Laboratory, set out to rethink how data gets collected during digs. Combining a web based data collection service with an Android mobile field application, researchers now have instant access to information about the site, real-time mapping and the foundation for storytelling and publication.

An on-the-fly field app for mapping archeological digs.

Researchers digging at the Mt. Lykaion archaeological site.
Screenshot of the Kronos administration console record data input screen.
Screenshot of the Kronos Android mobile data input application.
Researcher taking notes at the Mt. Lykaion archaeological dig site.


  • Mount Lykaion, Greece


  • 2010