Nevada Discovery Museum

Digital Organ Explorers

The heart organ explorer in-situ at the museum.

This suite of four interactives allows visitors to view a 3D-printed organ (stomach, heart, uterus and brain) through an iPad and by rotating it, activate animated content overlays. These overlays provide visitors the opportunity to learn more about the basic gross anatomy and physiology of that organ.

The augmented reality technology supports a highly tangible experience that invites visitors to dig deep into the specifics of that organ or as it relates to health and wellness.

Exploring our organs with augmented reality.

The Upswell team assembling and calibrating the organ explorer station during installation.
The brain organ explorer in-situ at the museum.


  • Inside Out


  • Reno, NV


  • 2015


  • Council
    • Exhibit Development
  • Pacific Studio
    • Fabrication