Canadian Museum of History

Hockey Data Visualization

Photo of the Hockey Data Visualization installation in-situ at the museum.

Hockey and Canada go together like fries and brown gravy, and strong feelings about hockey abound. This word cloud interactive is an evocative, visitor-contributed projection that seeks to communicate why hockey is such an important part of everyday life to many Canadians.

A number of emotive English and French words — “teamwork,” “anticipation,” “fierté,” “histoire” — float around a bold graphic of the word “Hockey” projected onto a gallery wall. From the synced touchscreen kiosk, visitors choose a word that they think best represents their feelings or connotations of the game, which then comes to the foreground on the word cloud projection. Over the course of the exhibit, the greater the number of times a word is selected, the larger and bolder the word appears in the cloud.

A data visualization of all the things hockey makes us feel.

Prototyping the hockey word cloud in the studio.


  • Hockey


  • Ottawa, Canada


  • 2016