Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Fragile Liberties

Visitor engaging with the fragile liberties exhibit

Through evocative physical design and carefully considered digital experiential elements, this experience asks visitors to consider the rights issues raised during Canada’s October Crisis – a national emergency in which individual liberties were suspended.

The larger of two monitors presents a short form film chronicling the events of the October crisis, while the smaller monitor displays a live surveillance feed from a camera mounted in the back of the niche. An authentic 1970’s era surveillance feel was achieved through specialized software tools that controlled color, grain, noise, and distortion of the camera. When visitors approach, they see themselves in this monitor – through jail cell bars at the front of the niche. Thought-provoking questions are overlaid on a person’s image, asking visitors to consider the ways in which national security and individual freedoms are still interconnected today.

An authentic 1970s era surveillance feel was achieved through specialized software tools.


  • Canadian Journeys Gallery


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014


  • Northshore Productions
    • Film Production