Clemson University

People, Places, and Traditions

View of People, Places, and Traditions installations

Simple yet replete with storytelling opportunities, this hands-on installation casts visitors in the role of “researchers” exploring the diverse stories that make up Clemson’s places, traditions and programs. Our creative goal was to create a mood of nostalgia and authenticity through the use of physical cards and audio stories as vehicles for interaction.

Comprised of 8x24” screens, two sets of headphones, a hidden RFID reader and over thirty unique story cards, this visually impactful and easily updatable audio experience allows users to hear the Clemson stories that pique their interest, and view a corresponding array of images that accompany the audio experience.

Exploring the stories that make up Clemson’s history, traditions, and programs.

Visitors can browse and listen to stories together.
Close-up of the RFID cards.


  • Experience Clemson


  • Greenville, SC


  • 2015


  • LS3P
    • Architect of Record
  • Manual
    • Fabrication
  • Open Studio Collective
    • Design Architect
  • Rodgers Builders
    • General Contractor