Clemson University

Data Ribbon

The Data Ribbon shines out from the Clemson Experience center, rolling through news and events info.

The Data Ribbon is a simple 8-bit ticker that provides quick messages, facts, and information related to Clemson University, including upcoming events. It’s goal is to create a tigher connection between the university and the local Greenville community.

Design was suprising tricky, given the coarseness of the digital LED display (in Clemson purple), so content style and typogrophic style and spacing were prototyped and iterated on in studio. Content can be scheduled and reviewed via a content management system.

A bright and bold data ticker for shouting out Clemson wins, stats, and news.


  • Experience Clemson


  • Greenville, SC


  • 2015


  • LS3P
    • Architect of Record
  • Manual
    • Fabrication
  • Open Studio Collective
    • Design Architect
  • Rodgers Builders
    • General Contractor