Clemson University

Clemson Family Portrait

The Clemson Family Portrait in-situ at Experience Clemson in downtown Greenville, SC.

As the first installation that visitors encounter upon entering Experience Clemson, the Clemson Family Portrait sets the experiential and narrative tone for the entire space.

Comprised of 3 x LCD screens that make up a single canvas, this interactive video installation welcomes visitors and lets them explore the various members of the Clemson Family. The videos stages a first-person encounter with the students, faculty, and alumni of Clemson who directly address the visitors.

Visitors can “select” which member they want to hear via gesture-based sensor technology. As the visitor swipes her hand in the air, the “camera” pans to a specific Clemson family member, activating their respective testimonial.

Meet the members of the Clemson family.

Visitor watching a three-screen Clemson Family Portrait video.
Detail of the three screen attract mode.
Children navigating the different videos in the Clemson Family Portrait.


  • Experience Clemson


  • Greenville, SC


  • 2015


  • LS3P
    • Architect of Record
  • Manual
    • Fabrication
  • Open Studio Collective
    • Design Architect
  • Rodgers Builders
    • General Contractor