Eat. Shop. Guides

Eat.Shop Publication System

Screenshot of the Eat. Shop. publication system content entry interface.

Eat.Shop. Guides was a book series that compiled that best places to eat and shop in cities around the world. Led by publisher Kaie Wellman with contributors around the country the guides were published six at a time – often on a tight timeline.

Producing these books with a small team is a momentus task. With multiple contributors, in multiple locations, copy editing and change management distracted from the primary tasks of curation, art direction and production. With an eye towards a new map based online presence and recurring content management challenges we began developing a new content publishing pipeline for Eat.Shop.

The Eat.Shop. Publication System centralized content development online using a custom content management interface mirroring the book format. All authors were provided access to enter their content and conduct the first copy editing pass. Once completed all content was packaged into an InDesign XML documents that would be used to automatically populate, or update page templates in InDesign greatly simplifying book production and change management. Additionally all entries were geocoded and fed into the Eat.Shop. web mapping platform for use online.

The Eat.Shop. Publication System cut down the data entry effort, simplified proofing and helped Eat.Shop. develop one of the first mobile map based online presence without additional content production and development effort.

Streamlined book publishing using a custom content management and production system.

Screenshot of the layout preview feature.
Screenshot of the geocoding/map preview feature.


  • Portland, OR


  • 2006