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Claude E. Shannon

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This interactive web exhibit chronicles the Bell Labs Math Department in the 1940s through the lens of renowned information scientist Claude Shannon’s life and work. The piece allows users to explore how Bell Labs influenced Shannon, and in turn, how Shannon’s discoveries have had a resounding effect not just on Bell Labs’ trajectory but also on generations of researchers and engineers after him.

The experience leverages Bell Labs and AT&T archival material such as films, photos, published documents, internal memos and newsletter clippings to suggest that Shannon, while an individual genius, did not operate in a vacuum. The 1940s Math Department – along with major societal shifts – provided an environment in which Shannon was given the intellectual freedom to thrive. In addition to Shannon, users can explore the key Math Department personnel who influenced Shannon’s work and the field of scientific research as a whole.

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A look at the work of the father of information theory.

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  • Murray Hill, NJ


  • 2016