Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Winnipeg General Strike

Visitor viewing the projected mapped film

Few events have had a larger impact on the Canadian labor movement than that of the bloody Winnipeg General Strike. This media piece provides visitors with an understanding of the strike’s roots in early twentieth- century Winnipeg, and the impact it had on Canada’s labor movement. A film of an archival graphic map of 1919 is overlaid — using projection mapping software techniques — onto a physical, dimensionalized map of modern day Winnipeg. We added motion graphics and an animation layer that details the sequence of events, providing visitors with a narrative understanding of the strike that was a springboard for labor reform in Canada.

Labor struggle at the dawn of Canada's twentieth century.

Film projection and animation over dimensionalized, physical map of Winnipeg.
Detail of projection mapping on individual building structures.
Projection studies of sign language for accessibility.


  • Canadian Journeys Gallery


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014


  • Northshore Productions
    • Film Production