Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Right to Vote

View of the right to vote exhibit

Like many countries, Canada has made a long journey to universal suffrage. Laws put into place in 1917 made it exceptionally difficult to understand who had the right to vote and why. Would you have had the right to vote in 1917?

Upswell developed an interactive game scenario that allows visitors to determine if they would have been able to vote in 1917.

Via a dual-screen approach, visitors answer a series of questions to determine if they would have been allowed to vote. The number and specificity of questions reinforces how seemingly disjointed the voting process was for groups.

Evocative archival images of 1917 cultural and social groups appear at every stage of the game. When visitors meet standards that would have allowed them to vote, a light triggered by connection to the DMX control displays a period ballot box behind the projection screen.

Tracing the challenges of universal suffrage in Canada.

The Right to Vote interface and universal keypad.
Screen showing questions for the visitor, with the ballot box artifact in the background.


  • Canadian Journeys Gallery


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014


  • Northshore Productions
    • Film Production