Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Refugees at Canada’s Gates

Visitor using trackball for experience language selection

Canada has a complicated history of allowing refugees into its borders. Playing off of a globe concept, users can select videos from countries all over the world using a large, physical globe trackball that was developed using custom, user-controlled software.

As the user rotates the trackball, the globe projection also rotates, allowing visitors to explore hotspots that trigger up to nine different refugee profiles. The films combine archival footage and original interviews to tell refugees’ stories, while the trackball selection enforces the sense that refugees to Canada come from all over the world.

This interactive allows visitors to explore the history of Canada's refugees through a dynamic haptic interface.

The projected globe moves with the haptic interface.
Documentary film triggered after trackball selection.


  • Canadian Journeys Gallery


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014


  • Northshore Productions
    • Film Production