Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Actions Count

Youth-oriented interactive table

The Actions Count interactive table is a gesture-based game for 6+ people projected onto a custom table of angled planes. The object of the game is to make decisions addressing an everyday human rights challenge before running out of time. Each challenge — from grappling with responses to bullying, indigenous people’s housing pressures, gay-straight alliances, voting participation, urban poverty and exclusion or conceptions of women who wear the hijab — requires players to adopt a particular character’s point of view in navigating these difficult but common issues.

Over 65 beautifully animated characters of various ethnic, religious, physical and cultural identities inhabit the game world, and are the focal point of all interactions. The game offers visitors a physically active, whimsical yet deeply engaging experience, allowing them to evolve a storyline and in the process, discover, understand and reflect upon the myriad ways human rights issues are manifest in communities across Canada.

A gesture-driven, multi-player table-top game for youth.

Up to six players can engage in this decision-making game.
The fictional world is projected on a corian table with angled planes.
The user interface is controlled by gestural interaction.
A selection of characters visitors encounter over the course of the game.
A close-up of the user interface and the game's isometric world.
Physical design studies of table.


  • Winnipeg, Canada


  • 2014