Oregon Historical Society

Across Time: Feedback Stations

Experience Oregon is the recently revamped core exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society. The exhibit widens the lens of perspectives included in the telling of Oregon’s history.

As part of the permanent installation, Upswell designed and developed a series of four digital feedback stations placed throughout the exhibit, each focusing on a particular era. The “Across Time” stations serve as brief moments of sense-making for visitors, allowing them to explore how opinions on Oregon issues have evolved — or not — over time. Each station juxtaposes historic and modern subjects and presents a provocative question such as, “What makes someone an Oregonian?” Visitors have a choice to first answer the question and see how other visitors responded, or read how a notable figure from Oregon’s past has approached the same issue. The interactives create a space for visitors to reflect on what they’ve seen and underscores the broader exhibit conceit — that the debates surrounding Oregon’s politics, communities, and land use are anything but new.

The "Across Time” interactives use broad themes such as home, water, movement, and land to make connections from Oregon's past to present, emphasizing why learning about history matters.


  • Experience Oregon


  • Portland, OR


  • 2019