Connecting the dots, from mission-critical goals to sustained audience engagement.

Upswell is a trusted partner for forward-thinking organizations in the arenas of culture and research. These might mean museums, universities, and non-profits, but are just as often brands, communities, and ventures at the intersection of education and change, technology and innovation, inspiration and action.

We operate on a consultancy and product delivery model; our clients value both our strategic stance and bias toward making something real. We won’t presume to know all the answers in advance, but we’ll identify opportunities, design a process, and execute an approach that will get us there.

We help create impact across digital and physical spaces.



Tightly Integrated

A/V is central to our creative work. We design systems that are tightly integrated with our experiences, receding into the background and letting the work shine. Our approach: open and maintainable systems, free of vendor lock, designed for long-term operation.



We believe experience design should tell a story. Encompassing interpretive planning, multimedia storytelling, and user experience design, narrative thinking undergirds the work of the content discipline and our practice as a whole.


Modern, Editorial, Friendly

Visual and user experience design go hand-in-glove, manifesting strategic direction. We apply modern design systems to the development of experiences across screens, surfaces, and environments, with an eye toward brand and style guidelines. Through iteration, we give clarity, form, and emotional resonance to our designs.


Simply Expressed

We create straightforward technical systems and software solutions for an organization’s strategic objectives, audience, physical space, and budget — proceeding from a technology-agnostic standpoint. Our team easily moves between experience management systems for hardware deployed in spaces, coding custom interactive apps, and working with today’s web technologies.


Holistically Considered

From exhibitions to projects that leverage digital technology within built environments, our team thrives on designing and realizing compelling narratives in space. While we take on purely physical and digital projects, our practice focuses on creating multi-layered experiences that bring digital and physical worlds closer together over the course of a visitor or user journey.



The strategy discipline drives a human-centered design process spanning all aspects of a project. Through user research, workshops, and prototypes, we frame up problems, test approaches, set-up opportunities, and collaborate on the development and delivery of impactful experiences.


A jury of our peers has spoken.

  • Core77 Design Awards
  • SXSW EDU Learn by Design
  • HOW International Design Awards
  • AAM MUSE Awards
  • IIDA Oregon Design Excellence
  • Applied Arts Magazine
  • Design for Experience Awards
  • Horizon Interactive Awards
  • Webvisionary Awards